We are connecting Boston-area makers, retailers, and customers by:
+ Building a public directory of Boston-area makers
+ Highlighting independent retailers that carry locally made products
+ Sharing events, opportunities, and resources to help small businesses thrive
Meet the Maker
We Make Boston was created by artist and architect, Courtney Drake. While living in Washington, DC, Courtney created her business, Lunch City Studio, to bring her love of architecture and cities to life. There she found a fantastic community of like-minded creatives. 
After moving back to Boston, she was thrilled to expand her work and collections to reflect the New England charm and grit of the city she calls home. Although she was not new to Boston, she was fresh to the creative scene. Courtney wanted a quicker way to regain the sense of community and inspiration while living and working in a new city. 
So she created We Make Boston. By creating a more natural way to connect creatives, she realized there was more space and time for her own creation. A place to connect, inspire, and share the outstanding and unique artists that make Boston a beautiful place to live.
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